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Kauai, Hawaii

Josh and I had the opportunity to go to Kauai, Hawaii without the kids this summer. What a memorable trip! I had been to Oahu before, but never Kauai. It was my first time ever leaving my girls which was so hard for me, but aside from the stresses of that, it was a magical trip.

We stayed at a stunning five star resort, complete with all the perfect amenities. We rented a jeep with some friends and traveled the island with the top back. Got to see some beautiful canyons. We rode in a helicopter over Jurassic Falls, what an experience! It felt like we were truly in a movie. We enjoyed the pool and sandy beaches and ate some delicious food!

What a treat!

Our jeep ride through the windy roads of Kauai

Josh and me at our resort: Grand Hyatt, Kauai

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